Union #28 Budgets

The Union #28 draft budget is created each year by the Union 28 Budget and Personnel Subcommittee working collaboratively with administration to determine the financial needs of the Central Office to complete its duties and responsibilities.  Once the draft budget has been vetted by each local town school committee, the Union 28 Joint Supervisory School Committee votes the budget at its January meeting.

Each town / school district pays an apportionment of Union #28’s annual central office budget.  This apportionment is calculated based upon the school enrollment as of October 1st in the previous fiscal year.  Preschool students are counted as .5 FTE students, and Erving’s secondary students are counted on a 10:1 ratio (i.e. every 10 students equal 1 FTE).  The students from New Salem and Wendell are counted together and the New Salem / Wendell Union is charged an apportionment in relation to the total student population for Union 28.

If you want to know more about the Union 28 budget process, please click on the link below.  This explains the budget development process that is followed each year.  Final budgets for the last two years are also posted.

If you have any questions about the budgets that are posted or the Union 28 budget process, please feel free to contact Superintendent Joan Wickman or Mike Kociela, Director of Finance and Operations.